Terms and conditions

1.- THE BUYER will examine the products as soon as possible after arriving at their destination and must notify THE SELLER in writing of any claim for non-conformity with the products within 15 days from the date of arrival of the product at its destination, Must prove and support THE SELLER that said non-conformity with the products is the sole and exclusive responsibility of THE SELLER. THE SELLER reserves the right to carry out the sampling and analysis it deems necessary, in the location where the product in claim is found, being able to repeat such expenses and costs against THE BUYER in case the claim is inadmissible.

2.- If 15 days have elapsed from the date of arrival of the product at its destination without having any claim from THE BUYER, it will be understood that the product is 100% compliant and complies with the technical specifications required at the time of purchase. purchase.

3.- THE SELLER is not responsible for the transit conditions (in which case the shipping company must be contacted for the corresponding claim) and / or third-party storage once the product has arrived at its destination.

4.- If THE BUYER makes a claim against third parties (meaning other providers, private or public, national and international institutions) without informing THE SELLER about said claim, or while it is in the evaluation process, THE BUYER must pay THE SELLER a penalty of 50% of the sale price of the contract and the SELLER, in turn, may request the payment of damages generated by this act of bad faith.

5.- No termination charge will be applied to either THE SELLER or THE BUYER, nor will any of the parties be responsible, if this agreement is forced to be canceled due to circumstances that are reasonably considered beyond the control of one of the the parties (fortuitous event or force majeure). The party affected by such circumstances must immediately notify the oth